This new bust from Mythical Beauties collection depicts Cleopatra. Due to multiple requests, I've added a PG-13 edition option, that ships with a pair of nipple covers, giving you an option to cover one or two breasts of the sculpture. This bust is pressure cast in high quality durable light grey resin. 


Product Details:


- Sculpted, molded and cast by Nikita Lebedev

- Nude and PG-13 editions available

- Height: 7 inches (17.5 cm)

- Weight: 1 lbs (450 grams)


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All products are made to order. Processing time is about 3 - 5 business days. Color can be slightly different from the images on the website due to the handmade nature of the product.


Product Details

This bust is pressure cast in high quality light grey resin. 




Weight: ~1 lb (450 g)


Height: ~ 7 inches (17.5 cm)